About Us

As a high end fashion brand ,Modern Sahiba is a blend of traditional with contemporary fashion, bringing out the best in the one who wears it.
Whether it’s your family parties, puja , date night ,girls out, office stardom or glam night, BFF wedding or your favorite cousin’s wedding.   
You're already beautiful, our mission is to make you feel that way.
Modern Sahiba has earned a distinguished name in the industry to become one of the most trusted ethnic fusion fashion brands in the country. Inspired by indigenous fashion traditions, every design at Modern Sahiba strikes a perfect equilibrium between ethnic sensibilities and contemporary aesthetics.
Established in Agra,  Modern Sahibaha inspired various brands in India, while constantly evolving and expanding the product line and ruling the hearts of loyal customers.
Apart from India, Our customers are based in United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Dubai , Africa etc
Modern Sahiba aims to spread their wings across the globe and wish to share our ethnic contemporary spirit with the world.